Friday, January 21, 2011

Swing it back

We've done a few of these swing back chairs from the 40's. Doesn't look like much, does it?  It was the first matching pair we'd found, I think this is one of them...

Not much prettier at this stage, but could double as a commode. Silky oak frame (sacrilege) and teak arms...

the kitchen table workshop, hammering into the wee hours, how our neighbours love us.

The finished result in Elissa's shop Evoke (if you're near Lismore you can see them in the window next door to Caddies Coffee shop) who provided the handprinted 'hearts and flowers' fabric by Sprout Design. They're only little, don't think many people were 'big boned' in those days but they sure are cute.

These photos taken by Elissa, you can see more images of them on her blog here and here.
ps. these chairs are still for sale in Evoke, contact us for price and delivery quotes Australia wide.


shopgirl said...

I just saw your work on Ink and Spindle and had to drop by and see what your blog was all about. I love the amazing job you do on the furniture. I can't imagine how many hours and chipped nails go into restoring these.

After reading some of your older posts. I am now your latest follower.

Cheers! I look forward to reading your posts.
Rambles with Reese

flourish and blume said...

Thanks Rambles with Reese, we're envious of your location!