Thursday, January 20, 2011

1950's Butch

It's a spine tingling sensation to walk in to our local treasure trove, the Tender Centre, and see something that's right up your alley. And there's three of them, Oh God, I need to sit down on that protruding spring for a moment and compose myself. Very masculine, aren't they?

You've gotta love a strip tip... our biggest monetary find to date..

The bare bones, arms removed and sanded and the foundation of any good chair - webbing as tight as a drum. And the springs, they were sanded too.

The finished piece, sanded and polished, re-webbed, re-sprung, new foam and covered in handprinted 'Birch Forest' black on charcoal, created by the talented ladies at Ink and Spindle (see these chairs and more handmade things on their blog here) and supplied by our lovely Elissa, who took these photos in her shop. You can see more of them on her blog here.


Ink and Spindle said...

Oh wow I LOVE seeing the before and after and in progress shots! Amazing transformation!

Funnily enough we have another chair in our studio that's veeeery similar to those three. Almost the exact same fabric and very similar body shape, just slightly different arms. We've been meaning to get it recovered for ages but alas... :) xx

Sue said...

I love seeing your work in Evoke in Lismore! I have a holiday cottage at Eureka and a piece I would love to have renovated. Will definately give you a call sometime soon!

Mel Robson said...

oh my lordy ladies!!! LOVE seeing the process. Beautiful end result.

flourish and blume said...

Oh sweeties! It's mutual admiration society all round!