Saturday, January 29, 2011

Special chairs for special people...

Now, I should clarify, I don't mean 'special', I mean truly special and it's a real privilege to have done these chairs for our lovely friend Sal, who has been one of our biggest supporters since we embarked on the Flourish and Blume journey. We always look forward to an invite to one of Sal's famous parties (our personal favourite being the Sagittarian party, of course) where we get to sit on the verandah of her family beach-house overlooking the ocean (secret, undisclosed location!) and eat locally caught seafood 'til the prawn tails fill the table. We've met some wonderful and interesting women at Sal's and I love it when she instructs them all to feel up the chairs so they get to experience our OCD sanding and polishing.

These chairs have been in Sal's family since the 1950's they are early Parker and solid teak. It seemed to be the style back then to coat the wood in a brown opaque varnish that concealed the beautiful grain or perhaps that was a 70's refurb. Nasty stuff to get off but well worth the effort. They have been recovered in a Prussian blue vinyl.

original condition
Showing backtacking

I'd say these are from the 60's, they have that beautiful Scandinavian-influenced shape to the arms that is very typical of Parker and Fler at that time, no identifiable manufacturers marks though. That very funky bag made out of cowhide on the table there is made by Rachel Ayland, a local bespoke leather bag and shoemaker of jaw-dropping skill.

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Hey Laura,Kate ,love your work!oggle it tooX Pru