Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The inaugural post

We picked this chair up from our mate Bob at Lifeline. Our temporary bunny/ our furry ball of love/ our present from heaven, Flopsy, took a real shine to it. When the neighbours claimed Flopsy back (tears and tantrums), we couldn't bare to look at that green vinyl a minute longer.

Appropriately, we found this fabric at Elissa's Evoke Yarn and Fabric, our local craftess with the mostest and got to work. (Fabric is 'Kimono red Grand Hearts' made by Umbrella Prints).

This photo taken by Elissa of the chair in her shop, see link above. More great photos of this chair by Elissa on her awesome blog here.

1 comment:

Alecia said...

you guys do some amazing work! i love the chairs, but I have to say I especially love that bunny! I hope that they change the bunny-ownership laws in QLD one day..