Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Retro Vision

Last year, late one night, we heard some very loud crashing and banging on our front stairs that sounded a tad ominous. We sat shaking in our Ugg boots and then the loud knocking came. It was Max, our heavily pregnant friend who never sits still, who had just lugged a chair she'd found down an alleyway (ask no questions) and hauled it up our front stairs and over the gate. The girl could do chin-ups over door frames with a full grown baby in her belly, I kid you not.

The next day in the daylight, to our delight, we beheld a Fler SC55, designed by Fred Lowen in 1955 and produced up until 1959. An example of this chair now lives in the permanent collection of the Sydney Powerhouse Museum. The chair is manufactured with Queensland maple and a metal frame which supports the floating arms and spring base for the cushions.

We took our inspiration from the autumn leaves of our backyard maple trees and the ever present grey skies that can bugger off now thank you.

The frame beautifully sanded to a superfine finish...
And the Grand Finale... ta da!!

This piece of Australian design history could be yours for $1200. For enquiries contact us or visit our store on Down That Little Lane.