Thursday, January 26, 2012


One of the best things about living in a small country town is the great stuff you can find for bargain basement prices. But don't be thinking you can all move to downtown Lismore with us as we also have the threat of floods (presently imminent), the off-the-scale unemployment, the junkies, the shortage of housing, homelessness and there's only room for a couple of bargain hunters.. have I put you off yet?!
We do love our town though (honest) and every second sunday there's a car boot market in the carpark of the hideous monument to capitalism - the Lismore Square shopping centre (upstairs - the two corporate giant supermarkets and every franchise of 'Made in China' you can think of while downstairs there's locally grown, chemical-free produce and all things wonderfully old and collectable) and that's where our friend Ali found us a couple of Parker Knoll 'fireside' chairs both with their stamped and dated labels (1954).
Katie's enthusiasm for stripping them back as soon as something special comes in the gate means that I don't always manage to get the 'before' photo.

The wood wasn't in a great state but we'd seen worse and the fabric was a nasty 70's refurb of synthetic bird-poo yellow stripes. Parker Knoll were the first to develop the coiled spring (tension and suspension) seating system, the company still produces furniture including re-issues of heritage styles like their famous wingback chairs. Here's a couple of process shots..

The wood glows once more.

The original labels reattached after the upholstered backs are completed. We've used charcoal eco-wool from Sustainable Living Fabrics and yellow felt ("Sense extra") from Instyle fabrics also 100% eco-wool.
The finished babies..

Currently in residence at Evoke in Lismore and priced at $950 each. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.