Friday, May 20, 2011

Fit for a Greek Goddess

We picked these babies up from the Tender Centre and wish now that we'd got the other two. Alas, space has become such an issue (we're expecting the 'Hoarders' TV crew to arrive at any minute) and they were in such poor condition that we knew they would be a big job. Here they are in a processional stage of undress from fully clothed on the front lawn to 1st layer off on the front verandah, then stripped to the bone in the backyard. Wish I could be so bold on a hot day but I don't want to frighten the neighbours.

We wanted to do something a bit different with these and got very excited when we came across the Greek Goddess with the mostest, Thea & Sami, her fabulous linen range and her gorgeous hand screenprints (she's also a supreme blogger, you can visit her blog here). So we went with something very femme, pink actually, and asked Thea if she could do some custom printing on it with her beautiful 'Marguerite' design. It arrived in a blink of an eye.

Here she is getting her first fitting. And below, the final result.

We didn't think the yellow tones of Danish Oil on teak would have blended so well with the pink so we lime-washed the wood and then Danish Oiled it and were very happy with the result. We've used neutral linen for the piping, borders of the cushion and back of the chair and nickel tack detailing for a bit of bling. Stay tuned for more photos to come in Elissa's shop, Evoke.