Monday, June 13, 2011

'Sitting is Believing'!

These 1970's Cintique chairs have been sitting on our verandah for the last year at the perfect height for us to be seated and undetected by passersby and pop up like meerkats when a car pulled up. As attached as we were to them, we knew that one day they'd transform and leave our little furniture orphanage we call home.

The poor old girls weren't in great shape, nasty dark stain that had gone patchy and even mouldy in places, holes in the rattan and loose legs.

We were unsure if the sanding would ever be finished and the three seater couch went up and down our stairs so many times according to the weather that we developed manly biceps. After many many hours of electric and hand sanding, we finally had that beautiful bare bones structure.

The polishing we love so much, would you look at that grain. And then the rattan... o lordy, what a job but one must be true to the original.

And then a wee jaunt down the motorway to deliver our babies to our dream clients who even had afternoon tea laid out for us, bless. The cintique looked beautiful in their newly refurbished apartment overlooking the ocean.

Fabric is 100% wool from Sustainable Living Fabrics. Colours: 'olive' and 'azalea'.


Felicity said...

I love all the little details in the timber and the colour combo that you've chosen for the fabric is fantastic.

The long lounge looks like the perfect place to take an afternoon kip after a morning in the ocean.

Felicity x

flourish and blume said...

This comment is from Posie Patchwork whose blog is malfunctioning. She asked us to post this for her. Thanks Posie!!
“Just love what you’ve done with the chairs & lounge, looks amazing, the grain, the colours, everything is perfection, congratulations to you & your lucky clients, love Posie”

Thea said...

WOW!!! Is there no limit to your talents? I can imagine the challenge the cane was. It all looks fabulous as one would expect from F & B. x

gaby@stilelemente said...

Another great transformation! I've never seen Cintique chairs before, beautiful form and your hard work just makes them sing :)

Cybele said...

Its official, I have chair envy.

flourish and blume said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments! Have to admit we're like proud parents on this one!

Naturally Carol said...

I never would have thought they'd come up as well as that after looking at your 'before' pics..they are spectacular!

Down that Little Lane said...

Stunning work.... so hoping you will like my invite that is coming your way xx

Andrea said...

How I love what you ladies do. If you don't mind, I might make these my monday's chairs. What a fabulous job!! Where do you get the rattan from? ....sigh, they have come up beatifully.