Friday, February 25, 2011

Ruby's Royal Red Chair

Little Ruby. the jack russell was the only living being who could sit comfortably in this grand old chair that belonged her great grandfather (on the human side of the family tree).

It's most recent refurb seemed to be from the 70's - striped poo-gold velvet. But the stuffing, oh lordy, it was like a bio-hazard ready to unleash the plague on us. Katie put her hand in that (hell) hole and pulled out spring after spring after spring...

We've found some wierd and gross stuff in the back of chairs but never found a signature before. It's  signed 'J. Wilson Oct 1913' (wonder what he died of?). Image on the right shows the start of the tedious  wood cleaning process, but its always a joy when the wood grain starts to show itself through 100 years or more of grime and dead skin cells (apparently).

16 springs no less, all sanded and oiled - the lengths we go to! 

Now would you look at that! The fabric is 100 percent wool (ecowool) from Sustainable Living Fabrics (I love and admire this company) the colour is 'Poppy'. The finished details of wood work and tacks here on your right, take note of that tacking folks, no staples and hot-glued brocade here thanks, each one hammered in. Ruby, darlin', on your bed!


Felicity said...

A throne most fit for La Ruby.

Loving the detail on the wood and the history behind this gorgeous piece.
It sits magnificently in this corner.

Felicity x

Cuada Design said...

Came over to your blog from design sponge - I have three diferent chairs waiting to come back to life, and now I'm really itching to get at them, lovely blog, great inspiration:)

Anonymous said...

hey, good lookin chairs! I've got a couple of old boilers, one day in the distant , distant future I'll see if you can fit 'em in to the work-log, ears out, p

mary k said...

wow! you ladies are amazing! i can't believe that chair is a 100 years old (the details are beautiful)! what a find! amazing job. love your blog, keep sharing the wonderful "makeovers"!!
<3 mk