Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The lovely Loretta's luscious sun-lounges

When Loretta called us over to see her 1950's sun-lounges, we assured her they should definitely not go to the tip. They were weather beaten and every fitting rusted but we were so pleased that Loretta recognized the beauty of bygone era craftsmanship, saved them, and gave us the opportunity to make them shine.

After hours and hours of meticulous sanding, some stylish canvass choices and some precision tacking...

... all that's missing is a cruise ship deck, one of those chicks in the high-waisted, long bottomed, gold bikini, holding a coconut and sipping, with scarlet lips, on a cocktail.

All sleek with there canvass pin-stripes and perfectly spaced brass tacks and golden Danish Oiled teak... ooo, fancy. We were so sad to hand these back, Loretta had to prise them out of our sweaty hands. A couple of weeks later we found two on eBay with their original umbrellas (to keep the sun off the chick in the bikini), so we'll keep you posted on their progress. 

Those beautiful wood-fired plant pots there are from Virginia Jones another of my favourite ceramic artists. Her work is currently available at artisan in Brisbane and Object gallery in Sydney.


Anna Davern said...

Hi, I have a similar chair I want to get restored. Do you know anyone in Melbourne who does what you do?
Cheers, Anna

gaby@stilelemente said...

Ooh, another great recovery project...looks like a great place to sit and relax, especially in the gorgeous setting it is photographed in :)

flourish and blume said...

I don't Anna but I'm sure someone would be doing it.
Gaby, Thanks! That's our verandah and it is a great spot for an afternoon bevvy or two!

Lia said...

Hey ladies

Wow - I just wanted to say I am most impressed with your work - so tasty in every way! You should so send these to Design*Sponge for their before & after section. You make hard work look good!

flourish and blume said...

Thanks Lia and thanks for that tip, I just emailed Design Sponge so fingers crossed, more people will get to see our work.