Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Florence!

We are nothing if not die-hard fans of Florence Broadhurst. 113 years ago today, Florence Maude Broadhurst arrived on the planet to blow our little minds and continues to do so long after her passing.

To honour our favourite designer on her birthday, we've restored this 1950's Parker Knoll with Florence's 'Japanese Floral' design, produced exclusively by Signature Prints and now adorning handbags, shoes, dresses, jewellery and a bus (!), courtesy of New York fashion designer Kate Spade.

The 'Japanese Floral' fabric is from the Signature Prints 'Home' Collection, fabric is 100% cotton 'Tan Union', colour: 'Bley'. We've combined Florence's design with a 100% Australian wool eco-felt in red.

Flourish and Blume just love going with the Flo.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Simply eye-popping, as always. You come up with the most gorgeous combinations of fabrics I've ever seen. Such top-notch work!

Pippa said...

Lovely work! The red and Florence's fabric pop very nicely !

flourish and blume said...

Thanks so much Dana and Pippa!

Naturally Carol said...

All your chairs are your style!

thelinencloud said...

Absolutely beautiful ... I have been an admirer of your chair transformations for quite a while ... I have blogged about your work and blog and used some of your photos ... fully credited to you ... I hope you don't mind ... Bee x

noknittedknickers said...

Oh, my! This is just fabulous! Love the pop of red to complement to beautiful Florence fabric. Claire

flourish and blume said...

Thanks for the blogpost Bee, that was lovely!
You can't go wrong with Florence fabric Claire ;)
Laura and Katie x

Mara said...

any chance of posting some more pics for inspiration? - pleeeeas.

Andie Lowrence said...

Great work! The red and Florence's fabric pop very nicely...keep posting

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