Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clunky to Funky

I'm starting with the finished item this time so that if you're inclined to share this on Facebook, you aren't posting an ugly thumbnail of a dead chair... always thinking of your reputation and style kudos.
Yes, it has been a while hasn't it? Well just think of all the amazing things we have to catch up on!

I wasn't totally sold on these Parker Dining chairs, there's a couple of Parker Dining chair styles that I just can't stand but Katie insisted I put my visualisation cap on and see 'the potential'! The potential could easily outdo the purposefully pilling, special-shades-of-green fabric that was covering them.

Absolutely stunning sanded teak.

The backs are finished in 100% Natural European Linen from Thea and Sami and the buttons and seats (super-comfy, webbed) are in 100% eco-wool from Sustainable Living Fabrics, it's our favourite 'Poppy' again! SOLD!!


Naturally Carol said...

I totally agree with you picture wise..even if you are just blogging, it invites people into your site when they find a great picture instead of a 'before' or 'messy' one. The chair pic just drew me in today. Fabulous work. Do you get inspired when you strip the chair back to it's frame or before then?

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Love the funky look. They're wonderful!

Jennie said...

Those look sweeeet!

The Chairy Godmother said...

Up to your usual standard of quirkiness combined with style. Well done gals!

flourish and blume said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments. To answer your question Naturally Carol, we do lots of looking at fabric swatches and do photoshop mock ups. It's always a chair adventure as The Chairy Godmother would know
: )

Courtney said...

These are so cool!!
I've just finished 6 parker's myself but am nowhere near the standards you girls set!!
Awesome work!

ms.composure said...

yes yes def loving this look!


Ricky Ricardo said...

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Sarah said...

Hello - how much fabric would you say you used for each chair pretty please?